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Episode 53 Jason Harris

How do we spark everyone into beneficial action? After all, we’re all responsible for Earth, our home, and the health of people and other living species.

But time gets in the way. We’re often distracted and busy. Our plate is already full, and there’s just not much room to add do-good initiatives. It becomes a distant thought for later…

Well, what if you could make room for adding a Plan-L™ to your work and life now? If you didn’t guess it, “L” stands for legacy – one of my obsessions, since starting the U.S. Green Building Council and then later the World Green Building Council and a successful consulting practice.

As you’ll learn in this week’s Regen360 podcast show, adopting a Plan-L™ right now can not only help people and the planet, but boost your sales, and enrich relationships. It involves soul based work that makes it easier to get up in the morning and boosts your brands, as well as many other benefits such as employee morale and retention.

Please join me in listening to my interview with Jason Harris, President and CEO of Mekanism, an award-winning ad agency with heart and values. The firm has leading clients such as Disney, Adidas, Levi’s, Ben & Jerry’s and The White House. It has made “good” an integral part of their strategic plan and service offering.

David Gottfried

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