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Episode 62 David Gottfried

Perhaps you’ve noticed, I’ve been away for about six weeks, taking a pause. I needed the quiet time to reflect. In early January I went to LA to surprise my Dad for his 86th birthday. He’s been ill and is permanently on oxygen suffering from lung cancer and COPD. Hospitalizations are unfortunately frequent.

We had a wonderful warm visit and some good conversation. I got to see how close he and my 83-year-old mom have become during this time of slowing down. The mutual love was heartwarming and inspiring.

With Dad’s health decline, I’ve been looking through my life through a different lens: one that looks from the end forward. It seems everything is under scrutiny and now uncomfortable. Although it feels like a struggle, the review is going to lead to divine pursuits and greater contribution. Speaking truth and forgiveness are becoming essential.

In honor of my Dad, who excelled in business, hobbies like flying and boating and the art of learning, I’ve put together this podcast entitled: Lessons my Dad taught me. I think you too can learn greatly as I have from my father, Ira, who’s a maverick in all endeavors and was a pioneer in his field.

This Regen360 podcast show is from the heart and hopefully inspires you to treasure the lessons your parents taught you and to share those with your family and beyond.


Episode 53 Jason Harris

How do we spark everyone into beneficial action? After all, we’re all responsible for Earth, our home, and the health of people and other living species.

But time gets in the way. We’re often distracted and busy. Our plate is already full, and there’s just not much room to add do-good initiatives. It becomes a distant thought for later…

Well, what if you could make room for adding a Plan-L™ to your work and life now? If you didn’t guess it, “L” stands for legacy – one of my obsessions, since starting the U.S. Green Building Council and then later the World Green Building Council and a successful consulting practice.

As you’ll learn in this week’s Regen360 podcast show, adopting a Plan-L™ right now can not only help people and the planet, but boost your sales, and enrich relationships. It involves soul based work that makes it easier to get up in the morning and boosts your brands, as well as many other benefits such as employee morale and retention.

Please join me in listening to my interview with Jason Harris, President and CEO of Mekanism, an award-winning ad agency with heart and values. The firm has leading clients such as Disney, Adidas, Levi’s, Ben & Jerry’s and The White House. It has made “good” an integral part of their strategic plan and service offering.

David Gottfried

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Episode 48 MC Yogi

I grew up blessed and immersed in all that life and school had to offer: sports, academics, close friends and perpetual serving as an elected class officer. I addressed my senior class as its President at graduation and repeatedly lettered in football and track and field (shotput). My hard work led to being accepted at Stanford University…

In contrast, Nicholas Giacomini grew up vastly different. His early resume includes being a juvenile delinquent who was kicked out of three schools, sent to live at a group home for at-risk youth, arrested for vandalism and caught up in a world of drugs, chaos, and carelessness.

However, fate intervened, bringing him hip-hop [he started rapping at age 13], and yoga at 18. Now know as MC YOGI, he is now a world-renowned performing artist on a mission to bring good music and good energy into the world: a path of spiritual wisdom, illuminating the potential for transformation within us all. Last year he finished a world tour teaching and performing to over 200,000. His book was just released, called Spiritual Graffiti: Finding My True Path.

I’ve been blessed to experienced MC YOGI’s divine spirit in concert and on the yoga mat. His words are gripping and deep. Please join me in this week’s Regen360 iTunes podcast interview with MC YOGI. I encourage you to listen to each of his words, as they will not only inspire but motivate. AND don’t miss out on the special surprise ending of the interview — it’s a real treat as MC YOGI gifts us an impromptu regenerative rap!

To rapping with our future in mind and igniting our spirit!


Episode 37 David Gottfried

Happy July 4th!

Today we have a special July 4th podcast show. I present a short challenge for you to create your own personal Declaration of Independence. It should be one based on the powers of Earth that follow the laws of nature and nature’s God that were divinely given to you. What are the truths that are self evident for you as you dissolve the bands that are holding you back and move fully into a life of transcendence?

July 4th is about independence and the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. This is exactly what we need to reflect upon today and even go deeper and set some goals for your personal Declaration of Independence. Items of critical importance include your health, control of time, being of service and gratitude and planting seeds that build legacy.

Our forefathers got it right and we can not only learn from their vision and leadership, but their powerful words help guide us forward on this day of independence.

I’m thrilled to celebrate my July 4th podcast with you and wish you a day [and year] of living a full life of not only liberty and happiness, but peace, fulfillment, gratitude and transformation.

To celebrating true freedom!


Episode 36 Dr. Pedram Shojai

Daily life for most of us is chaotic. Emails, text, cell phones have only made it worse, creating few boundaries for quiet time.

Time itself is one of the scarcest of commodities. And personal health for many is lacking.

How do we catch ourselves and push the reset button? It requires the patience, skills, and discipline of a monk.

Enter Dr. Pedram Shojai, OMD. He’s an extremely rare combination of East meets West: trained as an ordained priest from the lineage of the Golden Dragon Temple, movie producer, bestselling author, podcast host, qigong and herbalist master, doctor of oriental medicine and founder of Well.org.

I’m thrilled for you to meet my good friend and colleague Dr. Pedram Shojai in this week’s Regen360 iTunes podcast show. Join me in learning about Pedram’s newest book, The Urban Monk, where we’ll hear about modern hacks to stop time, find success, happiness, and peace!

To adding more monk to our urban lives!

David Gottfried