Green Living

green living
Over the past 25 years David Gottfried has helped fight climate change and prevent further damage to the environment. He has clearly demonstrated how one person could help start a global green living movement and keep it alive and prospering.

As he helped the building industry come to grips with the global green building movement, David Gottfried next tackled the imperative for environmentally-friendly practices more broadly in the fight against climate change and ongoing damage to the environment. His green building model has helped us all understand the importance of greener living and sustainability.

David Gottfried knows how to direct our lives in order to green our world. Few people have done so much to bring green living forward to the masses, building a movement, legacy and purpose that is renewable as well as regenerative. He plants the seeds of transformation to create a future that we’re proud to leave to our children and grandchildren.

As part of his dedication to regeneration, Gottfried has an avid interest and concern for integrative medicine, inspiring personal health and transformation. Since 2014, he has been CEO of the Gottfried Institute (GI), the mission of which is to advance health and lifespan via science-backed functional medicine through partnership with two-time New York Times bestselling author Sara Gottfried, MD. GI offers books, a quarterly Hormone Reset Detox, a dozen personally formulated shakes, supplements and nutritional products, and numerous digital solutions for improving hormone balancing, weight management, energy, mood and metabolism. Learn more about their products at