"Transformation is the only option."
— David Gottfried
Known as the father of the global green building movement

What is your green legacy?

Time is short. That’s the message I’ve heard my entire life in my head. I’ve studied the state of the earth, the state of the world, the vital signs, and they all indicate not only have we crossed seven billion people on the planet, but we’re at 500 percent of Earth’s carrying capacity.

That is the reason I formed Regen360…to answer critical questions about our current and future existence and sustainability on earth and our responsibility to the planet. What are we doing here? What are you doing for the planet? How do we create a life of legacy and purpose that is renewable and regenerative; that gives you the wealth and the income that you need and, even more importantly, is the planting of seeds that create a future that we’re proud of for our children and theirs?

I have spent a career devoted to our green legacy. When I founded the U.S. Green Building Council nearly 25 years ago, I wanted to help my industry. Who knew we would be with the Green Building Council model in 130 countries, each with ratings systems and thousands of professionals belting it out there to grow their business, grow their life, and heal the planet by creating joy, purpose and contentment for themselves? I want you to join me to not only to help green life but also to build wealth and prosperity for our bank accounts and the future of our home: the earth.

It is my fond hope that Regen360 can help the earth do a complete turnaround in its green living and green building practices.