Episode 75 Amory Lovins

I’m thrilled to share this latest Regen360 interview featuring Amory Lovins, the foremost energy efficiency guru in the world [IMHO]. This is something you don’t want to miss. Amory invented the concept of “negawatt” – meaning a watt of energy saved through efficiency replaces a watt of generated energy, but without the huge negative environmental impact, and a higher return on investment. 

Amory has the longest list of credentials almost possible, including author of 31 books, dozens of awards and honors including a MacArthur Genius Fellowship. He co-founded RMI [Rocky Mountain Institute] about four decades ago in Snowmass serving as its Chief Scientist, now with hundreds of brilliant staff doing among the best environmental work. I’m pleased to say Amory is also serving as a professor at Stanford in the same Civil Engineering department where I first read his book Soft Energy Paths many many decades ago, as I learned about the benefits of solar energy and designed my first net zero home [model].

In this scintillating interview, Amory and I talk about why the human brain can’t easily comprehend the benefits of designing without (i.e. efficiency instead of mechanical systems), COP26 achievements, the latest and coolest climate technologies Amory is seeing, and why Amory has dedicated more than four decades of service to helping us not only wake up, but actually survive; something Amory calls “applied hope.”

Wishing you a happy holiday period and time to renew, as we gather energy to double down on our efforts to help Earth regenerate as we increase hope.

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