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Twenty-five years ago, I had that thought, but I had no roadmap.

With a lot of help and mentoring, I did manage to realize my vision. Through LEED certification and the U.S. Green Building Council and later my founding of the World Green Building Council, I helped build a movement that has materially changed the world’s largest industry, creating hundreds of billions of dollars of value and a whole new green economy with tax credits, Executive Orders, and green building codes. We changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of professionals and took a big bite out of climate change.

But I struggled because I had no roadmap. I couldn’t find consultants or mentors who had transformed their industries. There were no books or conferences that told me how to approach my vision for a greener future.

And who was I to dream about building a movement? In my field, the building industry, I was a nobody.

Since then, countless people have asked how we did it, and if there was a systematic approach to making a huge impact in any industry. They wanted to know how to start, our secret sauce and if we could help them develop a plan.

After reflecting, I realized there is a system. And it is teachable. In fact, Harvard Business Review did a case study on The Green Building Council. When our organization turned 20, I synthesized our experience into a 7-step framework.

If you are like me (a minor player in a huge industry), you can also make a huge impact by building your own movement. But this path isn’t for everyone: it takes grit, endless adaptations and a collaborative tribe. With a lot of hard work, heart, and an effective strategy you can have a big impact on the world – no matter where you are starting from.

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