It takes a tremendous amount of courage and conviction to act on your beliefs, and to be the change that you want to see in the world.  As a mom and an engineer I am the most unlikely of entrepreneurs and an even unlikelier standards setter.  However, my belief in what was possible was shaped in such a positive way by knowing that others like you, came before me and succeeded by bringing your unique strengths and talents to bear on the worlds critical problems. The ability to create lasting and significant change in the world doesn’t come from one person having a superpower.     It comes from the ability to make people care, to create a movement, to conceptualize possible solutions, and to convince others to apply their super powers to create positive change in the world.    That’s exactly what you did with USGBC.    That’s what we are doing with SASB.   I never would have attempted it had I not watched your trials and tribulations, and believed that is was possible.   

—Jean Rogers
CEO and Founder of SASB