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Episode 41 Harley Dubois

Most of us get up each weekday and go to work, doing our best to perform our jobs. It often feels like a struggle and not a pursuit of purpose and passion. In time, we become our titles and even act the role we’ve adopted. But perhaps at our core, there’s a different person inside. Maybe you have a divine calling that remains dormant and want to take the next step…

Radical change is hard! It takes guts, incredible initiative and drive to overcome daily life as we know it. It also takes guidance and a supportive community.

But what if you could immerse in an 8-day retreat in the desert that helped you accelerate change? — A raw environment that hosts 70,000 others who are hungry to connect with a different way of living, one based on a participatory community with no money, rather a gift economy of leaving no traces and decommodification; one that values self-expression, civic responsibility and immediacy!

To me, it sounds like FREEDOM and an opportunity for all of us to RESET or regenerate our soul and how we live our lives.

In this week’s Regen360 iTunes Podcast show we learn the essence of Burning Man from my conversation with its Chief Transition Officer, Harley Dubois. She has been involved since the beginning about thirty years ago and was the City Manager of Blackrock, Burning Man’s city in the desert. She leads the arts program and all volunteers and teaches about the new culture and ethos.

To more personal freedom and radical change!


P.S. You can also download the transcript here if you’d rather read it 🙂

Episode 35 Dr. Mark Manary

What’s a life of passion, purpose, and mission? And how do you create a lasting legacy?

This is tied to defining a life well lived.

These are three essentials that occupy my mind late at night and when I push my ego and desire to provide for my family and our future aside.

On my death bed, I’ll probably be reflecting upon and cherishing the love of my family and dog. Then I’ll ruminate about the work I’ve accomplished and measure its impact. I’ll wonder if my life made a difference and planted seeds for change after I’m gone.

Dr. Mark Manary has dedicated his life to rescuing malnourished kids from death. For the past two decades, he’s helped invent a solution to healing impoverished children at the most critical developmental stage of their lives. It’s called RUTF – Ready to Use Therapeutic Foods.

Could you imagine helping save 1 million lives? Well, that’s what Dr. Manary has helped achieve. It’s unbelievable to fathom his contribution and his story inspires us to reach higher.

I’m thrilled for you to meet Dr. Mark Manary in this week’s Regen360 iTunes podcast show. Join me in learning about the organization he founded called Project Peanut Butter. You’ll be inspired, as I was, by his unprecedented contribution and humility. Dr. Manary has much to teach us about how to be of service, give back and push ego aside for the greater good.

To saving lives together!