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Episode 13 Paul Scialla

I vividly recall that ornery night in Sevilla Spain about 17 years ago when I looked into the mirror and realized the person looking back wasn’t me. He had red bags under his eyes, a puffy inflamed face and was coughing away phlegm from his fourth seasonal flu, indicating a trashed immune system.

That was an epiphany for me. And I went on to invent a greening my life program, leading to my Life Balance Sheet [a 100 point rating system]. I scored just 53 points on my first pass. Fast forward to today, and I’m living much more in balance, and scoring in the Platinum 90s. To score well, I need to practice wellness in my personal life and where I live and work. It also values the transformational nature of my work.

In the past decade, I’ve associated green buildings and sustainability with health. It’s about health of the planet and its people [plus other living things that we forget are here too]. Of course, health of the planet is linked to our health. This includes not only what we eat and how we exercise, but also the quality of our air, water and soil.

Listen to today’s show on how life and the products and services we make all need to be clean and non-toxic: to promote health and productivity for today and tomorrow.


Learn more about Paul and his work by clicking here!

Episode 11 David Gottfried

Thirty years ago I could hardly recognize that guy in the mirror.

Hair slicked back. Azzaro cologne off-gassing. Face inflamed from gluten and beer. Hazel eyes red and bulging, with sleepless bags beneath.

Bright textured gold tie, draped by a dark gray pinstripe Armani double breasted suit. The fluorescent light was sparkling off his Cartier gold and silver Panthere watch.

Days were centered on negotiating real estate deals to make more money; hungrily trying to get ahead to feel worthy and quiet that bullying superego.

Who was that guy? And how did he stray so far from his core?

I wonder if this story resonates? Has there been a time, maybe even during the past year where you too felt you’ve strayed?

It’s a new year and we’re off to a fresh start. A great time to reflect on how to get back to your purpose, passion and mission.

As I look forward to 2017, I like to be deliberate by writing down my resolutions. This helps me be clear, focused and determined. I use the exercise to help guide me and keep me on track.

This year I’m using a brand new framework I just invented called BuildMove. It has seven simple steps that you can follow. It’s also the basis of my new work, helping build new movements inspired by each of us. A movement can be as small as a new initiative you’ve been dreaming about starting, or something much bigger like what we created when I founded both the U.S. Green Building Council and later the World Green Building Council. For me, movements also need to be clean – where they bring renewable light into the world.

I just created this New Year’s podcast episode to help you bring in the new year. My hope is that it inspires you to think deeper about your goals for 2017 so you can focus on your core mission, driven by passion, purpose and vision.

For me, HOPE comes from finding active solutions that can help us not only sustain, but regenerate on a 360 basis – and that’s the mission for my Regen360 iTunes show. Listen in right now.

You can learn more about David’s upcming event here. Are you ready to BuildMove?