Episode 73 Paul Hawken

Meet Paul Hawken, one of the world’s foremost natural capitalism and sustainability gurus on his new book Regeneration: Ending the Climate Crisis in One Generation.

It was a privilege for me to have the opportunity to chat with Paul about his new book and what the essence of Regeneration means for the planet. Paul’s vision is BIG and essential for the future of humans, other living species and all ecosystems. We talk about our inability to comprehend we’re part of nature and not “other,” and how to spark our imagination and creations to stop the harm, and manifest the healing.

As Paul teaches us, Regeneration values all life at its center, and builds a new economy around the rules of nature and life enhancing. Equity is inclusive in all decisions, as we learn about the tenets of regeneration in oceans, forests, land, energy, industry and cities.

Beyond stabilizing our climate, at a deeper level, as Paul writes, Regeneration is about bringing us back to life, purpose, meaning and dignity, as we acquire agency to build a collective for survival. Paul states that we are facing “a watershed moment in history,” and a time for action!

Here’s to building a new Earth together as “we are being homeschooled by the planet,” according to Paul.

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