Episode 72 Dr. Alan Christianson

Let’s start with a quick health quiz:

What’s the key to unlock rapid weight loss?

What’s the most important gland of the body?

And where do you start to measure and optimize your health?

Give yourself a high 5 if you answered: the liver!

According to Dr. Alan Christianson, in this new Regen360 podcast, the liver is the #1 place to start for health. And it’s often overlooked and underrated.

We discuss Dr. Christianson’s new breakthrough book: The Metabolism Reset Diet and his fast liver tune up in his proven 28 day reset program.

Discussion highlights include:

  • Why the liver is critical to everything
  • Why diets fail
  • Why ketosis doesn’t work
  • What to eat
  • It’s all about metabolism
  • How to heal your liver in 4 weeks

My wife, Dr. Sara, and I have known Dr. Alan Christianson for a decade and he’s not only a close friend, but a well respected medical colleague. Dr. Sara calls him “a knight in shining armor with a white doctor’s coat.” He’s a New York Times bestselling author, naturopathic medical doctor with a specialization in natural endocrinology. And I’m sure you’ll find him as scintillating and inspiring as we do.

Listen in on our podcast and grab his new book The Metabolism Reset Diet here.

Here’s to resetting our livers and boosting our metabolism to function as our birthright, giving us the weight we desire, energy we need and long term healthspan free of disease.

David Gottfried

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