Episode 70 Paul Thomas, M.D.

Addiction hits all of us.

Whether it’s ourselves or a loved one, addiction is an epidemic.

Some of us may not even be aware we are addicted, such as to screen time, which is growing on us all, and especially our kids with their phones and apps that give frequent dopamine hits.

The stats on addiction are startling: it affects over 2 million people and kills 115 of them every single day. Paul Thomas, M.D. points out in his new book, The Addiction Spectrum, that drug overdose is now the leading cause of death for Americans under fifty.

Whether it’s opioids, for which addiction is skyrocketing, alcohol, gambling and now screen time, more than ever, we need effective strategies and a plan. The amount of misery, damage and pain is overwhelming and can break a family and lead to severe crises, if not suicide.

This Regen360 iTunes podcast is with Paul Thomas, M.D. We talk about addiction in general, and his suggestions for confronting the disease. Coping with reality is hard for many of us, and we seek escapes, some of which are addictive. These forms of attempted self regulation don’t work and escalate deeper along the spectrum towards a breaking point. The costs of our families, workplace and society are huge.

Paul Thomas, M.D. has been an addiction specialist for more than two decades. Through his new book, The Addiction Spectrum, his clinic in Portland, and his own personal experience, he guides us through the problem and effective solutions. Please join me to listen in on our podcast.

Here’s to savings lives and recovery!

David Gottfried

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