Episode 58 Robin Arzon

For my 56th birthday about 18 months ago, my wife bought me one of the best gifts ever. While we were celebrating at a family dinner with my folks and kid, the doorbell rings. Sara pops up and opens the door. Two guys wheel in and then set up a new Peloton spin bike. Boy was I excited, having wanted one for a year or more — to complement my extensive outdoor road-bike cycling.

Once they set up the bike complete with a monster computer screen, we turn it on and stream a random spin class from their New York recording studio.

Hey, I’m Robin and are you ready to sweat with swagger? This class is definitely explicit,” she belts out. Robin Arzon, the VP of Fitness and Head Instructor at Peloton Cycle is dressed in a bright red tailored workout shirt that says Peloton, and has about 7 bracelets on her wrist and a smile that could light up the city in a dark storm. “There’s always light through the cracks — reinforce your power,” she adds later.

Well, since then, our family has pedaled vigorously to all types of hip music over about 200 Peloton rides, almost all exclusively with Robin, including my 12-year-old daughter.

As we’ve learned, spinning with Robin is much more than an exercise class. It’s about pushing ourselves to our fullest in all of life. She’s an inspiration to not only learn about physical limits but to blast through emotional, mental and other limiting thoughts and barriers we impose.

In Robin’s recent New York Times bestselling book, Shut Up and Run, she shares her amazing life story and incredible drive and spirit to overcome everything [she was a hostage] and cherish the things “that make us go ‘Damn!’ when we’re 100.”

I was thrilled to have the opportunity to have a deep conversation with Robin and steer it far from the bike to the depths of life’s purpose. Please join us here, as Robin also inspires you to start running or spinning to an unlimited future, as she’s done for our family and her enormous community.


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