Episode 56 Beth Rattner

For much of our history, we’ve struggled against nature, even working to tame it as we built civilizations. However, the field of Biomimicry turns the issue around 180 degrees and shows us how to learn from nature as our best teacher. If we study nature and begin to embody its design laws into our creations, we can live in greater harmony and life flourish.

Human systems design has been flawed for more than a century, and none greater than after the industrial revolution. We’ve created enormous pollution, waste, and harmful toxins. As a result, the health of the planet and all of us is suffering and our future sustainability questionable.

In this week’s Regen360 iTunes podcast we learn from Beth Rattner, Executive Director of the Biomimicry Institute, which was founded by Janine Benyus and Bryony Schwan in 2006. The Institute is helping us learn from nature through its programs and tools including ASKNature.

Our future resiliency requires a nature-based design approach to everything we do. I hope you’ll join us to learn more. We need to “view nature not as a warehouse of goods, but as a storehouse of knowledge and inspiration for sustainable solutions.”

David Gottfried

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