Episode 55 Todd White

I must admit, I love good red wine. But unfortunately, not all wine likes me.

Then I met Todd White at a business mastermind a few months ago, and a healthy wine option appeared. Todd imports European dry farm wines, and that’s the name of his fast-growing Napa business. And as I’ve found, his wines don’t make me tipsy [and believe me, I’m a super lightweight], or give me hangovers the next morning. Wow!

I tracked down Todd to visit with us on Regen360 Podcast for this week’s interview so that I could ask him all of my questions: mostly the big why, how and where of the commercial wine industry and the differences of his wines.

As you’ll hear, Todd is a super energetic and enthusiastic wine expert, and equally, a self-declared “biohacker.” In our interview, he discloses the hidden health details of the wine industry and his firm’s criteria for protecting us. We also dive into Todd’s biohacking activities.

You’ll learn, enjoy and don’t miss out on Todd’s special offer to our listeners at the end. It’s a wine gift for the holidays that’s free!



One thought on “Episode 55 Todd White

  1. My wife has just decided that a little wine every day will be good for her, and my littlest daughter is in college, a highly alcoholized environment! I will be listening to your podcast – so informative! – with them this weekend!
    Thanks for this,

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