Episode 43 Amory Lovins

For most of my life, we’ve taken the wrong path and failed to take the sustainable road. Capitalism fought sustainability, viewing it as another form of regulation and increased costs and risks.

But to deny sustainability and its integration to all creation is to not only heighten risk but fail to reap huge financial rewards while boosting health for the planet and all living.

Amory Lovins helped us shift the energy paradigm in his 1976 Foreign Affairs article, Energy Strategy: The Road not Taken. His work sparked worldwide revolutions and billions of dollars of energy conservation and renewable power.

This week’s Regen360 iTunes podcast show features a conversation with Amory Lovins. His impact is just about second to none. Through his extensive library of publications, global keynotes and 35 years of leading the think tank Rocky Mountain Institute, he has helped us define and travel “the road not taken.”

Amory’s brilliance has been focussed on inventing a new triple-bottom-line economy, or as he co-authored, Natural Capitalism. He synthesizes complicated calculations the way we breathe oxygen. It seems each year he has invented another start up or ecological concept that will not only help save Earth, but add trillions of dollars of growth to the global economy. Instead of fighting capitalism like some NGOs, his organization harnesses its strength and innovation to create capital growth through enormous energy savings and integrative design.

I encourage you to tune in to this week’s Regen360 iTunes podcast show to hear Amory Lovins, one of the planet’s most important visionaries.

To building the road not taken together!


2 thoughts on “Episode 43 Amory Lovins

  1. Dear Regen360:

    Soon after Amory Lovins’ Foreign Affairs article was published I read his Soft Energy Paths. At the time I was just two years out of College (Penn State, home of nuclear engineer and advocate Palladino) and working at the Governor’s Energy Council as a program manager. I was way over my head but Lovins’ book and others helped me to get caught up. David and Amory are absolutely right that capitalism is a powerful economic system that can be harnessed to achieve sustainable energy and economic growth. The US should lead the revolution through evolution! Amory gives credibility to we sustainability advocates. Great talk!


  2. Thanks so much for your comment John! I too read Soft Energy Paths by Amory in College. It greatly influenced my work in green building and even to this day. Yes, we greatly need more evolution in all areas, including our standard practices and minds.

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