Episode 42 Lewis Perkins

What is cradle to cradle?

It’s a concept developed by William McDonough and Michael Braungart in their bestselling book written in 2010.

Out of the book’s traction, they invented a framework and then certifying standard for manufacturers to use for their products. Then they gifted it to a non-profit organization which is now working with 250 participating companies who are applying the certification to over 6000 products.

In this week’s Regen360 iTunes podcast show, learn about Cradle to Cradle and the good work its Innovation Institute is doing with my interview of its President, Lewis Perkins. Lewis has a deep background in sustainable products and is working collaboratively to grow their certification in the market while personally living a life of passion, purpose, and legacy.

Perhaps you’re running, working or thinking of starting up an organization with a goal of not only growth but sustainable or health transformation. A key component to market viralocity is inventing a credible standard with third party certification and training. This is what USGBC did with its LEED Green Building Rating System.

Regen360 podcast shows seek out credible transformation organizations and leaders and the interviews endeavor to reveal their secret sauce and tools for radical change [and benefit].

To radical transformation!


One thought on “Episode 42 Lewis Perkins

  1. Hello, I have been preaching “cradle to cradle” for years. Here is what I hope that we can do:- I want to work with a group that is passionate about designing and building living structures/environments that women want. I live in a 6,000 acre resort with it’s own transportation system, and has no clue about how to move forward to helping the planet/us. How can I/we/us move forward? I am ready to dive in right now. I am a feminist/real estate broker/raw food enthusiast/visionary/builder/developer. At my core, I want to empower women to take over the helm of directing our planet EARTH.

    I work/live in an environment where women are second-class citizens. I have made my career second to my wife’s (she could easily be the next governor of Michigan if she wanted). My daughters both went to the University of Michigan and ROCKED! We need a venue that takes our daughters to actually to be pilots of our planet!

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