I remember the first time I met Hunter Lovins. We were on a joint trip to China, invited by a group sponsored by the mayor of Shanghai. Our mission was […]

How do you want to age? Most of us fear living out our years in a nursing home as we drool away with an absent mind. According to my wife […]

I remember the first time I heard Bill Browning speak. It was in 1991 at the AIA convention in Boston. Initially, I was sitting in the rear, but I moved […]

Today is a huge day. We’re about to all get YOUNGER! Given my emphasis on a clean diet [ketosis as of late] and a crazy level of weekly cycling [I […]

Every so often you meet someone who just blows your mind. At first, you don’t think they’re for real, but then you realize that such an extraordinary human being actually […]

What is your most important organ that you take for granted? We worry about our weight. Many of us stretch and do yoga for flexibility. We meditate for reducing stress. […]

Today, more than ever we need to build and scale organizations to not only boost economics, but add in the other two tenets of what is known as the triple-bottom-line: […]

A few days ago I woke up in the middle of the night and had trouble falling back to sleep. Once my mind starts racing, an increase in cortisol ensues […]

About two decades ago [in the pioneering years of green building] I had the privilege to work on an exciting fantasy green building project for Montana State University. They assembled […]

This morning I performed my daily ritual of stepping onto the bathroom scale, then walking upstairs to stab my finger for home blood analysis: my fasting blood sugar was at […]

I vividly recall that ornery night in Sevilla Spain about 17 years ago when I looked into the mirror and realized the person looking back wasn’t me. He had red […]