How we define a life well lived? It helps to interview someone who’s been at it for four decades and found their sweet spot for contribution and joy. In this […]

For most of my life, we’ve taken the wrong path and failed to take the sustainable road. Capitalism fought sustainability, viewing it as another form of regulation and increased costs […]

What is cradle to cradle? It’s a concept developed by William McDonough and Michael Braungart in their bestselling book written in 2010. Out of the book’s traction, they invented a […]

Most of us get up each weekday and go to work, doing our best to perform our jobs. It often feels like a struggle and not a pursuit of purpose […]

“Our Planet can’t wait. Climate change is an imminent threat, our food systems are increasingly stressed, and our lands, waters, and species are threatened like never before. If we don’t […]

More than ever we need organizations to step up their environmental commitments and stewardship. This requires extensive goal setting, research, improvement and measurement, and verification. Though some believe environmental performance […]

Have you ever thought about the impact of artificial light on your circadian rhythm, checked your ability to achieve high-performance activity through heart rate variability [HRV], or checked your poop […]

Happy July 4th! Today we have a special July 4th podcast show. I present a short challenge for you to create your own personal Declaration of Independence. It should be […]

Daily life for most of us is chaotic. Emails, text, cell phones have only made it worse, creating few boundaries for quiet time. Time itself is one of the scarcest […]

What’s a life of passion, purpose, and mission? And how do you create a lasting legacy? This is tied to defining a life well lived. These are three essentials that […]

Shopping is fun and purchasing is part of our everyday lives. For major corporations, it’s big business, both on the purchasing and supply sides. However, if we add up the […]

Are you often cold or have body temperature swings? Do you experience fatigue? Is brain fog or forgetfulness part of your day? Is your gut stable? Allergies? Many of us […]