These free gifts introduce the concept of Green Life depicted in Gottfried’s memoir: Greening My Life. Since 2000, David Gottfried has struggled to define for himself the essence of a life of purpose, health and legacy.


REGEN360 is Gottfried’s newest organizational invention. Its mission is to teach you advanced life performance principles and strategies so that you can master your existence by optimizing your health (mind & body), relationships, work, finances, personal development, contentment, giving back and eco-footprint.


REGEN360 will help you craft a personal strategic plan for your life, helping you define and ROCK your mission, transform all aspects of your life while creating a lasting the legacy.


Gottfried’s free Green Life Quiz introduces his proven green life rating system modeled after LEED. It will introduce you to the 10 categories of essential life performance. See how you score NOW.


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